Okay... I've started (July 3rd - 2019)
The vertical belt around a landing pod
Every cut has to be angled
More angled pieces
I REALLY could have used some more hands here...
The top of the pod is closing up
Top + middle belt of the pod
Down to the bottom of the case
Corner pieces...
...for the bottom finish
Like that... one basic pod done... three more to go
Thickness added for the landing foot
Even though it's hollow below, it looks as it should
Now to the top of the foot
I do not have access to a cnc machine...
...so everything is done by hand
Strange patterns... cut with jigsaw
to fit this strange thing
Fits (almost) like a glove
Bottom view
Mounted on top of the foot...
...it begins to look recognizable
Now hovering instead of balance
On to the next three feet
Half done with the underside, and the lights went out
All four feet now soled
Looks better from above
88 'toes' measuered, cut and placed loosely
88 toes x 4 = 352 rounded corners... phew
Parts for the three remaining pods
Just like that... a bit refined construction
The top finished
Cut aways for the lower part sides
Now the lower finishing parts... more feet
...with supporting sides
All corner pieces and side panels now glued together
The beginning of decoration... the pod details... one side...
...the other two sides. Top sides next...
Some of the top details... left wing...
...and right wing