WPCP-3500 - Made in Japan -1983
Warner Bros. Records
I bought this one second hand locally - accidentally it was a Japanese version.
There's a personal story to it, if you choose to read on...

This was the third Alice Cooper CD I bought. After having the "Trash" album laying on the CD-shelf
for half a year or so, before finally putting it on the CD-player, listening to it while putting together
Mini Club Denmarks members issue, I grew very found of "Only My Heart Talkin'".
At that time the only two Alice Cooper songs I knew were "Poison" and "Bed Of Nails"
which in the first place were the reason why I coincidently bought it new (on sale).
I thing it must have been somewhere in 1997 or 1998 I got curious to hear some more Alice Cooper.
I visited the local second hand store (in my lunch break) and found "School's Out".
My colleague knew my mission and asked if it was "School's Out" I had bought... how could he guess?
"Everybody knows School's Out" he said... we played it, but embarrasingly enough I didn't...
I heard the album at home, noticed the year 1972 and figured the reason why it sounded a little
different from the "Trash" album. A couple of days later I found another used Alice Cooper CD...
the DaDa album!
When I listened to the DaDa album I honestly concidered, that there had to be two different artists named Alice Cooper!!! The name ain't that odd... the surname Cooper was quite familiar to me from my belowed car, the Mini (which I have been driven for 20 years now).
But what was the chances of two artists named Alice Cooper and both being males?
Could this be the same artist?
In kind of way it was Alice's DaDa that got me really hooked... afterwards I found myself vacuumcleaning Denmarks second largest city for Alice Cooper CD's.
In 1999 I bought the 4CD Box-set "The Life and Crimes of Alice Cooper" and started to catch up
on what I had missed in all those years... I didn't see... didn't hear... didn't notice... The Coop.